As part of the Linked Research and Interactive Space Design projects, we held a two day workshop with students from different master degree programmes. The aim was to explore different dimensions of Hertzian Space through performance and long exposure photography, integrating the methodology developed in Digital Ethereal. Additionally, we were interested in exploring the impact of ritualistic practices in manifesting the presence of wireless technologies.

The workshop was held in the School of Architecture, Newcastle University and used a combination of three Canon 5D DSLR cameras to simultaneously capture the performances of three groups of students. Work groups were allotted 20 minutes for rehearsal time, and provided with the original Kirlian Device and three Android phones running the Kirlian Device Mobile app. Each group was asked to create a performance of bodily movements which would make manifest their interpretation of Wireless signals as spectres in the space. Performances were captures in 20 seconds exposures, and then combined in Photoshop to create a composite photograph. Each performance is then depicted from three different vantage points in the space.