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Android app available at google play

The Kirlian Device Mobile is an Android application, available at the Google Play market, that allows anyone to use their Android handset to reveal the shifting qualities of WiFi networks around them. A similar instrument, The Kirlian Device, was used to create the series of Spirit photographs, shown in the previous section.

The secret body of Wireless

The work in Spirit Photographs was showcased in The Secret body of Wireless, an interactive exhibition showcasing an installation composed of Android phones suspended from the ceiling. The Android phones were running a modified version of Kirlian Device Mobile, and generated sonic atmospheres hinting at the shifting qualities of WiFi fields in the room.

The exhibition also saw a variation of the Kirlian Device Mobile app, optimised to run on Google Glass. Visitors to the exhibition were able to walk through the gallery watching a flickering colour suspended in their vision, whilst hearing at the different densities in the hertzian space around them. The video illustrates the different interaction modes which arose from these three prototypes.